Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 17th.

Thursday 19th.

Wednesday 18th. CFA Wednesday 18th. CFA
Wednesday 18th.

At home this day, pursuing pretty steadily the raking off which must be done as soon as possible. The mass of work to be done keeps me anxious. Indeed the amount of general occupation which has come upon me this month must be confessed to be rather heavy. My youngest child too showed symptoms of sickness which make it advisable to think of a physician.

I pursued my second Lecture with steadiness though with increasing distrust of my ability to sustain the interest. The adjournment of Congress on Monday appears to have cast a damper upon political speculation. Nothing has been done to relieve the Country, and the Government has only failed in procuring the sanction of the popular body of it’s scheme of separating Bank and State.