Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 22d.

Tuesday 24th.

Monday 23d. CFA Monday 23d. CFA
Monday 23d.

The day was an extraordinary one for so advanced a period of the year. I was occupied in finishing the remainder of the transplanting to be done this season. Mrs. Frothingham and Mrs. Everett came out in a 333carriage and passed an hour, after going to see the house they returned home.

I set my trees tolerably thick at my house, intermingling small and large in such a manner as to take the best chance of the success of some. I had wished to try an experiment upon Sir Henry Steuart’s plan but my men have not the patience and regard it as unnecessary.

I made a bold push today and finished the second part of my lecture which I read in the evening aloud to the ladies. My apprehension was that it would prove too long and somewhat tedious from the details which I could not very well avoid. But the verdict of the family was rather in favour of this as the best of the two. Thus is ended what I have regarded as a pretty fatiguing labour.