Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 23d.

Wednesday 25th.

[Tuesday] 24th. CFA


[Tuesday] 24th. CFA
Tuesday 24th.

This was more than a warm, it was a Summer’s day. I went to town, where I find things accumulating with extraordinary rapidity. I am making preparations to move into my own house, also hastening the occupation of the house on Hancock Avenue, also, attending to the affair of Mr. Johnson which draws into length, also, my own Accounts, and lastly those of my father. The morning has moreover become so short that my opportunities are exceedingly cramped. My return to Quincy has been in this manner made later and this abridges the Afternoon. There is not however a great deal now left to do. My cares out here are almost over, and I am making arrangements to transfer myself to those in the City, which are beginning. In the evening, having done my Lectures I felt a little out of work.