Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 27th.

Wednesday 29th.

351 Tuesday 28th. CFA Tuesday 28th. CFA
Tuesday 28th.

My daily life has so much of monotony in it again in town that I hardly feel it worthwhile to continue my record. My time was only varied today by attempting to attend an Auction after I had been to Market. I used to be very patient in my attendance but now the crowd and multitude of objects not wanted which come before those I do want disables me very much from continuing. I have got above the business.

As I was returning to my Office however I stopped in at another Auction just as they were selling some coins of the Roman Emperors. I purchased them at haphazard and then drew back from half,1 which were taken by another gentleman. We spent an hour in dividing them, and I returned home, late.

Afternoon continued writing, and prepared five sheets of MS to be delivered to the printer tomorrow. Evening, Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham came and passed an hour. Pleasant conversation, but I did little afterwards.


The earliest recorded instance of an addition to his coin collection by purchase.