Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 28th.

Thursday. 30th.

Wednesday 29th. CFA


Wednesday 29th. CFA
Wednesday 29th.

Mild and wet day. I went to the Office where I was engaged very much in Accounts. Paid off a variety of bills which have somewhat hung upon my mind. The present state of the currency makes me feel quite uneasy at the continuance for any great length of time of obligations. Some day, we may find the deposites all in furno.1

Called at the Athenaeum and procured a variety of books with which I began to decipher the coins purchased by me. They turn out a very agreeable accession to my present collection which is entirely deficient in this branch. My father having mislaid or lost the set which he had procured for this purpose.2 I shall find much interest in this pursuit this winter I hope.

I did not write much until evening. Read Lockhart to my Wife who appears to be amused by it though I think it unskilfully got up.


Probably in the figurative sense, “to express any severe test or trial,” OED under furnace, I. C.


On JQA’s collection of ancient coins and its disappearance, see above, vol. 6:185, 280.