Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 4th.

Wednesday. 6th.

355 Tuesday 5th. CFA


Tuesday 5th. CFA
Tuesday 5th.

Fine clear day. Office. Accounts and reading a part of Sismondi’s Political Economy which sketches historically the science very well.1 The agricultural theory, the mercantile theory, and that of which Adam Smith was the founder appear to be the three stages of the science. They have contributed something to the truth, but the last has perhaps been the only substantial system.

Walk to the Athenaeum and thence home with more books for my medallic studies. I take much interest in this but find my field too limited. How can I extend it? There is a set of coins at the Athenaeum but they are boxed up. Herodotus, and Addison on coins.

Evening reading until nine when I attended a wedding visit of Mr. and Mrs. Amory, who is a daughter of the late Mr. Greene and an heiress,2 the third which members of that family have married. There was much company but nobody in whom I felt much interest and I presume they reciprocated the sentiment for I came home thinking of the emptiness of human amusement in formal circles.


Probably, J. C. L. Simonde de Sismondi, Etudes sur l’économie politique, 2 vols., Paris, 1837.


The marriage of James S. Amory and Mary Copley Greene, daughter of the late Gardiner Greene, was reported in the Columbian Centinel, 2 Dec., p. 1, col. 4.