Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 5th.

Thursday. 7th.

Wednesday. 6th. CFA


Wednesday. 6th. CFA
Wednesday. 6th.

The days are cold and clear but very fine for the season. I go to the Office and having now commonly leisure time, read some of Sismondi, but it is extraordinary how the time flies. I rarely can command my attention to more than one chapter. I am still busy about the affair of Mr. Johnson’s houses without stirring an inch. Called to see Mr. Appleton and went down with him to direct Mr. Stanwood to make the conveyances.

Home. Herodotus which is becoming more easy and more interesting. In the afternoon, a volume of la Science des Medailles, originally written by father Jobert but largely improved by an Editor and Commentator.1 I have now finished all of my Essay upon the currency excepting the passage reserved for the President’s Message that is to come tomorrow. But the printers are as usual excessively dilatory.


Louis Jobert, La science des médailles, avec des remarques par J. B. de la Bastie, 2 vols., Paris, 1739.