Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 18th.

Wednesday 20th.

Tuesday 19th. CFA


Tuesday 19th. CFA
Tuesday 19th.

The weather changed last night and it was moderately cold today. I am fretted about my pamphlet which does not as yet appear. Office. The town talk is still of Mr. Fletcher, a nine days wonder. I read a little of Sismondi and had a letter from home.1 Mr. Walsh called upon his departure. He evidently does not like his business. Yet I think it is better and more creditable to him than to be dawdling as he does now.

Home after a cold walk. Herodotus. Afternoon so short as hardly to 365furnish any time. I went down with my Wife to call upon Miss Harriet Welsh after her return from Europe,2 but she was not at home at Mrs. Henshaw’s where she lives. After a short visit, returned home, leaving my Wife at her brother Edward Brooks’. Time taken up looking over the correspondence; difficult to make selections.

At tea T. K. Davis came in and I accompanied him down to the Lecture of the Historical Society delivered by Mr. Felt upon the old Currency of Massachusetts. He had here a fine field for this time, but he skimmed only a small corner of it, and that only in details. From thence to Edward Brooks’ after my wife. Pleasant talk and home.


LCA to CFA, 15 Dec., Adams Papers.


On Harriet Welsh, see above, vol. 3:63.