Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 19th.

Thursday 21st.

Wednesday 20th. CFA


Wednesday 20th. CFA
Wednesday 20th.

Colder day. I went to the Office. Again disappointed in my proof sheet which I ought to have finished today. Read a little of Sismondi but wasted my time shockingly. Walk and home. The public news from Washington interesting. Indications of a violent storm approaching. Herodotus.

Afternoon continuing my examination of the correspondence, there is so much material in it that the greatest of all difficulties is in selection. I am not a little embarrassed about the whole business.

In the evening received the proof sheets of the remainder of my pamphlet and passed some time with my Wife in correcting them. I dismissed it from my hands with no small anxiety as being the first of my attempts for which I am personally responsible to the public.1 If there is any thing in it which I do not feel sure of, all will be well, for I am perfectly clear that I have studied to know the truth.


See below, entry for 26 December.