Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 20th.

Friday 22d.

Thursday 21st. CFA


Thursday 21st. CFA
Thursday 21st.

A very sharp morning. The cold this year sets in early. I went to the Office where I was busy for some time in Accounts. Read a little of Sismondi and began a letter to my Mother but had not time to finish it. These are now the shortest days of the year and short indeed they are. Home after wasting an hour at a bookstore looking at books which I do not want.

Finished the seventh book of Herodotus being the last of the two books which are studied at Cambridge and which therefore I wished to 366look over. The latter is easy and I well recollected it but the former presented some as embarrassing Greek as I have read lately.

Afternoon so short that I had little time to devote it to any thing. Selected a few more letters. Evening at home. Read Lockhart to my Wife and afterwards made a remodel of my commencement for my proposed Lecture. But my time is so cut up I must make a new arrangement.