Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

January. 1838. Monday. 1st.

Wednesday. 3d.

Tuesday 2d. CFA


Tuesday 2d. CFA
Tuesday 2d.

Extraordinary weather. The air is as mild as in the month of October. I went to Market and from thence to the Office. Time taken up principally in paying various demands which came crowding in. They are quite punctual this year for I think almost all must have come in at once. A. H. Everett also made a short call and talked politics. He had not much that was new to tell us of. But thus went the morning and I returned as usual to Herodotus.

Afternoon went with my Wife to make a call upon Madame Caradori. Found her at home, and without company. There was nothing of particular interest in the call. Home. My Wife went out to tea.

I attended A. H. Everett’s Lecture upon Bunker Hill. It was very brilliant. He has acquired through his preparation for the Oration of the 17th of June such an intimacy with facts as to be able to resort with success to what I conceive the most difficult of all oratorical composition, the making a picture. Passages were very well done and show a prodigious improvement in his elocution since I first heard him. But he was too long, and he had a cold audience.

Called at Mr. Frothingham’s and spent an hour. Two Misses Phillips and Mr. Brooks there, but nothing of note.