Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 2d.

Thursday 4th.

Wednesday. 3d. CFA Wednesday. 3d. CFA
Wednesday. 3d.

This weather has continued, growing if any thing better and better every day. Today was perfectly lovely. I went to the Office and was occupied in Accounts and paying bills most of my time. Nothing of any interest took place. The Newspapers have made up their course to all appearance in the same way as regards my Pamphlet as usual.1 I went to the Athenaeum and found no change.

Home after a call upon Mrs. Edes a Tenant, who has multitudes of things to complain about. Home to read Herodotus. This is the day the State Legislature assembles. Afternoon lounging over the Correspondence.

Evening, Mr. Davis came in to tea after which I went to the Concert 374of Madame Caradori. Full, but not crowded. She sung well but not so well as on Thursday. Her best thing is that piece from the Tasso of Donizetti which she sung at Gov. Everett’s. Fabj also sung very well tonight the piece from the Somnambula, but he evidently prefers patriotic songs.


That is, the newspapers have decided, as in the past, to ignore my pamphlet.