Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 23d.

Thursday. 25th.

Wednesday 24th. CFA Wednesday 24th. CFA
Wednesday 24th.

A mild day, almost like Summer weather. I went to the Office and had Mr. Walsh who came to talk of my Lecture and of Marine Affairs. His repugnance to foreign service increases and he wishes very much a home berth. Met several persons all of whom spoke favourably of my Lecture. T. K. Davis renewed his application made last evening for his old grandmother who lived in those times. I felt very unwilling to grant it, and yet could not resist, but asked him to dinner.

I can hardly say that I did any thing today. Read a few lines of Sophocles whose Lyrics I find more difficult than I had anticipated. T. K. Davis dined with me and we had much conversation afterwards respecting literary and political prospects during this age. He has strong democratic tendencies, which may lead him astray. In our age there is much of pseudo democracy which must more or less soon become exposed and it is hardly worth while on any account to try to lift it up when it is falling. After a turn round the common we parted and then I passed the evening at home. Mr. R. Robbins came in and spent an hour.