Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 24th.

Friday. 26th.

Thursday. 25th. CFA Thursday. 25th. CFA
Thursday. 25th.

Morning foggy with clouds. I went down first to the Office after Market and a look in at Faneuil hall. A meeting had there been called of all opposed to the annexation of Texas, and I was desirous to attend it but the thing looked so lame and I was so busy that I left it.

Accounts. As things look daily more thick and troubled, I am anx-387ious to get rid of all my liabilities so I pay to the National Office by their consent my debt which has but half expired and take back my Stock. This at any rate gets rid of one difficulty. Nothing new. Home to read Sophocles.

Afternoon being now much at leisure I have resumed Father Jobert with some little mistrust however, that I might not more usefully employ myself. Evening Lockhart to my Wife. After which I turned my attention to finishing off the returned sketch for the biography of my Mother.