Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 29th.

Wednesday. 31st.

Tuesday. 30th. CFA


Tuesday. 30th. CFA
Tuesday. 30th.

Winter has come back upon us again and the more disagreeably for his preceding absence. I went to the Office where I was occupied in drawing up a Lease agreeably to the request of certain persons who seem disposed to take a Quarry notwithstanding the very discouraging circumstances of the time.

Only one call, from a person who desired me to go over to East Cambridge and deliver a Lecture in the absence of the person regularly engaged. This was rather short notice and it was likely to prove a very cold night. So after due consideration I declined the proposition. My ambition is not very lively when it thus consents to slight what other men would jump at as opportunities. I aspire to nothing beyond what can be given to me at very moderate cost.

Home. Sophocles. In the Afternoon, amused myself with the Furetièriana, rather too indolent an exercise.1 I must set to and do something better. Evening, Lockhart, after which I made up the Arrears of my Diary.


Antoine Furetière, Furetieriana, Brussels, 1696.