Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 30th.

Thursday. February 1st.

391 Wednesday. 31st. CFA


Wednesday. 31st. CFA
Wednesday. 31st.

A very cold morning. I went to Market and from thence to the Office. Engaged in drawing up Leases for the House in Hancock Street and had a call from a Mr. Perkins about an Estate upon which he wishes to have some money lent him by the Trustees of Mr. Boylston’s Estate. I am to look up the title and draw the papers. It was so cold I did not walk.

Home to read Sophocles. I am surprised to find how easily I can read the Oedipus which satisfies me my early studies were not of such little avail as I am sometimes in the habit of considering them. Afternoon, lounging somewhat too indolently over the Ana. Books of this kind are a luxury not to be enjoyed as a habit but only between whiles. Evening, Lockhart’s Life of Scott to my Wife. And continued writing.