Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 31st.

Friday 2d.

Thursday. February 1st. CFA


Thursday. February 1st. CFA
Thursday. February 1st.

Morning cold but moderating. I went to the Office as usual where I was occupied first in Accounts and then went over to the Registry to look up the title of the Estate spoken of yesterday which I did about half and there left it. This is a poor business for me and I wonder that I consent to pursue it.

Home to read the Oedipus which I enjoy and understand far more than I anticipated or than ever I did before. This may be owing in part to my familiarity with the Story. Afternoon, read the Preface to Miss Joanna Baillie’s Plays on the passions.1 A good piece of writing upon the causes of the interest in dramatic representation and the best modes of using it for moral ends. There are doubtful positions however. Evening, Lockhart after which continued writing.


Joanna Baillie, Series of Plays Delineating the Stronger Passions, 3 vols., London, 1799.