Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 6th.

Thursday 8th.

Wednesday 7th. CFA


Wednesday 7th. CFA
Wednesday 7th.

Morning cold. I went to the Office as usual and was occupied in writing and Accounts. Began a sort of draught of a report to be made upon the affairs of the Middlesex Canal, but as it threatened to draw into length I concluded to leave it with the view of condensing in another paper.

Mr. Degrand told me today that he had seen a notice of my Lecture in the Evening Gazette very complimentary. A few tones of the voice have done more to give me notoriety than five years of diligent reasoning. Such is life.

Called to see Miss Edes and execute the Lease in question between us which was done, after which I could get but a short walk. Home to read Sophocles which is a new mine to me never opened before.

Afternoon I finished what was left of Brumoy’s preface of his Greek Theatre, but upon reflecting how useless my afternoons are to me I determined tomorrow to turn to something decided, so after reading a little of Potter by way of Preface I fixed upon Aristotle’s Politics to examine critically. Evening at home, finished Lockhart’s fifth volume being all that is yet published of the Life of Scott. He is an interesting study. Afterwards, Diary and Potter.