Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 7th.

Friday 9th.

Thursday 8th. CFA Thursday 8th. CFA
Thursday 8th.

Weather mild with rain and fog. I went to the Office and was occupied in reading. Received a Note and afterwards a call from Mr. Luther Angier of Medford, for the purpose of procuring from me a repetition of my Lecture, before the Lyceum of Medford. I hesitated about giving that one and proposed my others which I gave at Quincy. 395He said however there had been so much said of this the desire was to hear it. I left it uncertain, and with respect to the time declined his proposition of the 16th and fixed upon the 2d of March. I hope by that time my mind will be so much relieved of its present anxiety1 that I can do it with spirit.

Mr. Perkins told me about the Mortgage, that he should be prepared with the other Deed directly. Home. Sophocles. Afternoon. Began as I proposed Aristotle’s Politics in Gillies’ translation.2 Read the first book.

Evening at a great ball given by Mrs. Crowninshield. The company large but rather melée, the upper crust not absolutely predominating. I found not many acquaintances and so took refuge with T. K. Davis in conversation in the card room. At supper which was of extraordinary display, I found nothing very relishing, and wine poor. Home late.


ABA, pregnant, was approaching term.


A rereading, see vol. 6:258.