Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 19th.

Wednesday 21st.

Tuesday. 20th. CFA Tuesday. 20th. CFA
Tuesday. 20th.

My Wife remains pretty much in the same condition with a kind of low fever hanging upon her. I went to the Office rather early for the purpose of finishing the Mortgage deeds which I had promised. They took me the whole morning and then Mr. Perkins was not ready to execute them so the finishing was put off until tomorrow. Mr. Walsh came in to see me today looking meagre enough. I have not seen him for weeks and suppose he may have been incarcerated, but such is the singular temperament of the man that he talked today about as grandly 403of his prospect as if he had a fortune to depend upon. I confess this rather tries my good disposition.

Home. Sophocles. Dined at Governor Everett’s, a relation of his present from London, and Dr. Frothingham. A handsome dinner but not easy, and why it is difficult to pronounce. I shall not take the trouble to analyze it. The Governor is now marked in his manner to me. This is an index of the popular opinion, and nothing else. Home where I read some of Eckhel and Pinkerton. Evening wrote a letter to my father.1 T. K. Davis came in and sat an hour, nothing of interest.


21 Feb., Adams Papers.