Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 20th.

Thursday. 22d.

Wednesday 21st. CFA


Wednesday 21st. CFA
Wednesday 21st.

A fine clear day although the weather keeps very cold for the season. Wife remains much the same her fever slowly declining. I went to the Office where I met the parties to execute the mortgages and we at last got through with them to the general satisfaction. I then went to see the collection of pictures again and was more pleased than ever. There is a picture of Salvator there which gives me some idea of the art which he possessed. I again looked at the Madonna of Guido and doubted whether it was not on the whole the best thing I had ever seen. There were many people there and so I returned home for the sake of dining by invitation with Dr. Frothingham. Nobody there but he feasted me on venison. I believe I must give up this dining business as it interferes with my regulation of my children and my hours of study which are after all my moments of delight. I was occupied today in copying my letter to my father and in the evening, studying Eckhel and Pinkerton.