Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 23d.

Sunday. 25th.

Saturday 24th. CFA


Saturday 24th. CFA
Saturday 24th.

A mild day. I spend an hour every morning after breakfast in the assortment of the coins from the Athenaeum which will prove a very fascinating study. My Wife continues to grow better and will I hope very soon now begin to gain.

Office where I had visits from Walsh and Mr. John Devereux.1 The latter is now fixed in Philadelphia and likes it well. Some talk about Walsh who continues shilly-shally with occupation until I am tired of it.

Home where I made excellent headway with Sophocles and see my way more and more to answer my question of yesterday. Afternoon and evening occupied very steadily with my coins in assorting which I take far more delight than in reading Eckhel or Pinkerton or Cook2 who try to explain the science.


Devereux formerly occupied an office at 23 Court Street; see vol. 5:403–404.


William Cooke, Medallic History of Imperial Rome, 2 vols., London, 1781.