Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 3d.

Friday. 5th.

151 Thursday. 4th. CFA Thursday. 4th. CFA
Thursday. 4th.

Morning warm. I walked out with Louisa and called to see Mr. Sharpe about my furniture. Then home. My committing of Pope goes on slowly. Office. My Political Speculation No. 7 came out this morning. How far these papers will go is yet doubtful. Went to see Mrs. Kirk about her business, then to the Athenaeum to lounge over the pictures. This with my usual occupations at the Office consumed my time. The Gallery is tolerably good with a great sprinkling of fine names but not corresponding excellence. The picture of my father1 in its simplicity contrasts singularly with the pretention of the others. Here is Governor Davis and Abbott Lawrence flaring in all the importance of silk and velvet.

Home. Juvenal. Afternoon, Thiers French Revolution—Struggles of the Thermidorians or counter revolutionary party. An instructive lesson upon the passions of men. Read a little of Crabbe and some of the letters of Madame du Deffand which I find amusing. Some observations particularly upon ennui are very good. What a fleeting show this life is. Action, passion upon nothing, or next to nothing. Evening at home.


By Durand; see note to entry of 20 May, above.