Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 19th.

Thursday. 21st.

142 Wednesday. 20th. CFA Wednesday. 20th. CFA
Wednesday. 20th.

The Atmosphere resembled Summer today, and shows the singular changes that take place in this climate. I went out with my child and round the common. After my return devoted half an hour to an exercise which I propose pretty rigidly to follow up. My memory is defective. In order to strengthen it I propose to commit a certain quantity daily going on increasing it as I find it improves. I have begun with Pope’s Essay on Man, sixteen lines of which easy verse took me twice as many minutes on Monday and again today. And then not firmly fixed.

Office. Diary. No letters. Attended a Meeting of Merrimack Manufacturing Co., the Annual Meeting. Not a very full attendance and principally young men. The Accounts are very favorable and the semi-annual Dividend good. Called to see Mr. I. P. Davis but could not find him in consequence of his numerous avocations. My object the picture.1

Home, Juvenal, the notes of which in the first Satire I finished. Afternoon Duclos. Afterwards a ride with my Wife round Brookline and Jamaica Pond—The prettiest spots as to cultivation round the City. Every body out riding. Home and lounging away the evening. Wilhelm Meister but I was so drowsy I could not sit up.


CFA’s apparent object, successful as will appear, was to suggest to I. P. Davis, a principal figure in the Athenaeum Gallery, that ABA’s portrait of JQA by Durand might be included in the Gallery’s next exhibition (entries for 23 May and 4 June, below). Despite CFA’s evident satisfaction with the painting, upon further viewing he persuaded Durand to enhance the coloring somewhat; see below, entries for 27 and 30 June.