Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. July 1st.

Friday. 3d.

Thursday. 2d. CFA Thursday. 2d. CFA
Thursday. 2d.

Day pleasant. I went down to the Office for a little while but remained only long enough to go through with my usual duties. Returned home for the purpose of going to spend the day at Quincy. I took with me my child Louisa, and we arrived about noon. I found my father alone and conversed with him upon various topics as usual. He showed me the medals which he had already described in his Catalogue. A considerable number of them are of high value. I regard the present as one of great consequence. We looked over a considerable number and he explained to me their character.


My Mother and Mary appeared to be in tolerable spirits. Our dinner passed off pleasantly and I spent most of my time with the ladies. At five o’clock I returned home with a considerable number of papers of my Grandfather which I now propose to resume. They must be done and my time is less in demand than it may be hereafter. Found my Wife quietly at home. Evening writing upon No. 5 which comes out awkwardly. I must do it over from this first draught.