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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 20th

20 January 1861

Tuesday 22d.

22 January 1861
21 January 1861
Monday 21st



I am getting a little uneasy under the responsibility of my speech. I see the difficulties attending my position, but am not frightened by the. The question is only in my mind how I can most effectually combine the preservation of our principles with a policy sufficiently conciliatory to bridge over the chasm of a rebellion. Called upon Dr Palfrey and walked with him to see General Scott. He was not at home. Thence to the House. Mr Corwin opened the debate upon the Committee’s report. his speech was listened to with profound attention. It was like all his late efforts a sort of mixed warp of silver and brass wire. Mr Millson followed him with a very able speech of his peculiar kind, which seemed to carry much force with it among his side of the House. We then adjourned. Dr Palfrey dined with us, and afterwards I made a little progress.

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