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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 21st

21 January 1861

Wednesday 23d.

23 January 1861
22 January 1861
Tuesday 22d.

A pleasant day. At the House we had some interesting debate. Mr Clemens of Virginia made a bold and vigorous speech which created a great sensation in the House. It is the first indication of positive resistance to the spread of this pestilence that can be called decision Mr Bingham of Ohio also made a speech on the extreme ground, refusing all conciliation. His legal position were not of much force, but he is eloquent and vigorous. There is a good deal of a certain sort of talent in the House, it is acute and ready but not sustained by any broad or comprehension in force. This speaking now goes on as a regularity, and there are a large and increasing number of applicants for the floor. I am not getting ready very fast. Dr Palfrey dined with us and Mr Rice came up from the House. We had a very lively meal, and after they left I worked a little while.56

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