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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 2d.

2 February 1861

Monday 4th

4 February 1861
3 February 1861
CFA's date as writtn here.

Mild and damp. Attended Divine service, and heard a gentleman by the name of Livermore preach. Mr Haley participated in the exercises and made a species of address or valedictory or announcing that the pulpit was to supplied by his colaborer, which had no particular grace or pathos. On my way home I called to see Mrs John Adams. Found her at dinner and spent an hour with her, talking over her various causes of uneasiness. Then home. Franked speeches of various kinds until dinner. Mr Sumner did not come, the first time since we have been here. It strikes me a little singular. His self-love appears to have been wounded, and this is always his weak point. I am sorry for this, and shall endeavor to repair it. In the even Mrs Adams and I went by invitation to see Mr and Mrs Eames. Quite a company. Mr Guthrie of Kentucky, General Cushing, Mr Everett, Mr Rockwell, and many other persons. Much compliment to me about my speech. Some conversation with Mr Guthrie about the present state of things. He is reasonable. General Cushing is fierce and denunciatory.64

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