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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

CFA's date as writtn here.

3 February 1861

Tuesday 5th

5 February 1861
4 February 1861
Monday 4th

Damp, foggy, uncomfortable weather. Morning was spent in answering letters or franking speeches. At the House. Mr Henry Lee Sr, aid de camp to Governer Andrew has written me a letter asking me to inform him what amount of troops would be needed for the emergency pointed out by the notice sent from here last week by Messrs Clifford and Phillips. There has been of late a revival of the alarm and General Scott himself has believed in the occasion for it. I wrote to Mr Seward a note of enquiry, which he answered by begging delay of a day or two to determine. So I telegraphed to that effect. Many applications for speeches from various quarters. One from Mr Kennedy of the Census Office, which incidentally mentions the receipt of many letters from Virginia of a discouraging character as to the election of delegates to the convention of secession that takes place today. If that turns badly I think we shall need troops to protect us here. Adjourned at 4, and I stopped at the office of the Globe, to correct the proof of my speech, Thence to dine with Mr and Mrs Foster at Willard’s Hotel, in the great ordinary. Mr Sanford, Govr Anthony and another Rhode Island gentleman made up the party. It was tolerably pleasant, and we sat some time afterwards conversing in their room. Then home.

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