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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 5th

5 February 1861

Thursday 7th

7 February 1861
6 February 1861
Wednesday 6th

My life is now one continued maze. My letters were beyond all bounds, so that I must despair of replying to them, whilst my franking absorbs all my leisure. At the Capitol as usual while we had a superior speech from Mr Humphrey. I was called to confer with Mr Harrison Ritchie, who has been sent from Boston by the Governor to learn what amount of force may be needed here from Massachusetts. He had already been to see General Scott and Mr Sumner, the former of whom had told him that none would be necessary. He wished now to learn something of the probable legislation of the House on the organization of volunteer corps of militia. We sent for Mr Stanton, Mr Train and Mr Burlingame, and talked the whole matter over without arriving at any definite result. Afterwards, he dined with me66 in company with Governor Seward and his son. The Governor was very pleasant, but not so lively as he sometimes is. Afterwards, we played a game of whist when he was interrupted and sent for to go home. The assembly of commissioners from the states is exciting some attention here. Massachusetts has selected seven commissioners, all very good men. The fact has had some influence here. And thus far my judgment has been decidedly confirmed.

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