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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 6th

6 February 1861

Friday 8th

8 February 1861
7 February 1861
Thursday 7th

At the Capitol betimes. The galleries sound decided indications that something was expected. On my way down I ought to mention that I called at his desire to see Mr Dix, the Secretary of the Treasury. I found him anxious about the loan, and desirous to issue his proposals by Monday. He regretted that any difficulty had prevented Massachusetts from acting, and hoped that some action might be had upon it in season. I replied that I would write at once and endeavour to quicken the movement. As I went down I met Mr Ritchie to whom I spoke I about it, and he said that he had already written about it Governor Seward’s suggestion. The speech of the day was Winter Davis’s— In its commencement very effective, but not sufficiently condensed to bring him within the hour, and therefore badly truncated at the close. Mr Davis is the most effective debater in the House, but his mind yet wants breadth and comprehensiveness, and he is too much in antagonisms to rise above the partisan. He fastened the House completely. Mr Sedgwick followed him in a speech of extreme sentiment. Parts of it were strong and effective, whilst other parts fell into the mere lawyer’s tone. He declared his willingness for the separation. We then had a recess. The coming meetings for mere speaking I never attend. Evening at home.

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