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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 10th

10 March 1861

Tuesday 12th

12 March 1861
11 March 1861
Monday 11th

A cool, clear, fine day. Having got pretty nearly through my labors I devoted a part of my morning to house hunting. My son Henry and I went to examine five houses in succession. Three of them pleased me much, provided I make up my mind to continue the plan of entertaining, which I have commenced. I had several persons calling upon me93 The Talk of the day was about the action of the government in regard to the reinforcement of Fort Sumter. It is said that Anderson has notified the commander that inn a fortnight he will be at the end of his provisions. He must be relieved or recalled. To relieve him would require a greater force than could be had under present laws, and could put at risk a civil war. To recall him would be humiliating. It was rumored that the Administration has determined on the latter a cabinet meeting today, but it was not so. Yet it is clear that this result is inevitable, and the country will be horrified at the shock. In the evening I went out and called at Mrs Stockton’s and Mrs Dixon’s. They all talk of going to England, which I parry with indifference excepting so far as it carries good will to myself, which I gratefully acknowledge. My speech has evidently made a me a great favorite here, if not at home. Yet I give nothing but good words.

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