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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 11th

11 March 1861

Wednesday 13th

13 March 1861
12 March 1861
Tuesday 12th

This day was mainly spent in packing up the rest of our things, in attending to various gentlemen very anxious to serve their country in any capacity, and in visits to more house. Of these I only saw one—that belonging to Mr Everett. It disappointed me greatly. I tried to look at another, but failed to get the key. I called up Mr Goodrich who has succeeded in being made collector, and gave him two or three petitions for place which included all remaining undisposed of in my hands. Then home. Mr Seward came and dined, but he had not much that was new. He said that the violent remonstrances from the north and east against the abandonment of Fort Sumter, had alarmed the President and delayed a decision. But circumstances must force it; and the only difference in the delay would be to destroy the effect it might otherwise produce as a voluntary act. So it would be with the nomination of Mr Crittenden. The opposition would destroy its gracefulness. Each act was however equally inevitable. He also said that Mr Chase had concurred with him in urging my nomination, but that Mr Dayton stood in the way, and the result was doubtful. I have no doubt myself. The cause of the President towards Massachusetts, and myself as her representation has94 not been equivocal. Of the reasons for it I am not altogether sure. They may spring from private intrigue, but in my belief they more probably come from that jealousy of Mr Seward’s influence that seems to pervade the narrow mind of the chief. In the cause of my past life I have learned to believe that providence disposes of these things much better than we can. The Governor seemed delighted to get upstairs to a quiet game of whist. But we soon had company. Mr and Mrs Campbell, Mr W B Lee, and E C Adams and her brother. So he went away, to resume in the morning the worry of office sharks, and of a dull and inappreciative head.

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