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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 13th

13 March 1861

Friday 15th

15 March 1861
14 March 1861
Tuesday 14th
New York

During the night a change in the atmosphere took place, and we had snow. We left Philadelphia having in company Mr and Mrs Kuhn, and having lost my son Charles and Mr Dexter who continued last night to New York. We reached the Fifth Avenue Hotel at about four o’clock, and found the missing numbers of the party still there. There was a fall of snow which made the walking very uncomfortable. After dinner the party separated in various directions. Brooks asked me to go with him to the Theatre and I consented. We dropped in to the first we met in Broadway, which was called the Winter garden. They were playing the Lady of Lyons to about a hundred and fifty people. A Miss Coombes, a diletante, was playing the part of Pauline. A Mr Wallach played the Madam’s son. It was tolerably done. A rather silly afterpiece followed.96

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