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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 14th

14 March 1861

Saturday 16th

16 March 1861
15 March 1861
Friday 15th

Cloudy and cheerless. After breakfast I went out with Mrs Adams to look at carriages at Brewster’s. At a quarter past twelve we all started in the shore line for Boston. We found snow until after we passed New Haven, then for fifty miles along the sound we had none, and then we took a violent storm which kept up until we reached Boston at eleven o’clock at night. We found our people at home and prepared to receive us. I returned thanks to the Divine Being that we arrive all back safe and sound, having gone through this ominous session with so little of the danger that was apprehended at the outset, and with so much of good fortune at least in that portion of the action that fell to my lot. I trust that this interval may be passed in quiet and seclusion from the cares that will probably come again at the next Session.

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