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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 25th

25 March 1861

Wednesday 27th

27 March 1861
26 March 1861
Tuesday 26th
New York at sea

Soft, pleasant day. The customary assemblage in threes and fours began, until I received from Quincy through Mr Cargdon my letters at that Post Office. Among them was one short note from the Secretary of State requesting me to proceed to Washington at once for consultation with him. I immediately put a stop to all further visits, and addressed myself to the task of making up the papers accumulated upon my table. This absorbed my whole attention until dinner time. My trunk was nearly ready so that at half past four o’clock I went off to the Depot of the Boston and Providence railway company where I took the train at five for New York. We reached Stenington at about nine o’clock and embarked in the Steamer Plymouth Rock. Here I met the polite old steward who reminded me of the time I last left the vessel stranded on the shore of Long Island I forget how many years ago. He said he supposed that incident had deterred me from taking the same route ever since, which is by no means the fact. In summer the Fall river route is the most convenient, and in the winter with a family, I prefer the day line by land. I had a comfortable State Room and went regularly to bed.103

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