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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 26th

26 March 1861

Thursday 28th

28 March 1861
27 March 1861
Wednesday 27th



We reached New York without incident a few minutes too late for the first train to Philadelphia, so that I had time to go up to Delmencio’s and get a good breakfast. On my return to the Jersey Ferry Station a heavy warm rain began which continued until three or four o’clock at Philadelphia, with thunder and lightning. The trip over was easy and without incident. I arrived at the Continental Hotel at half past one. After dinner I called to see my daughter Louisa, who is here staying at the house of her father in law deceased. I conversed with her an hour or two on the change contemplated in our situation and invited her husband and herself to join us in the autumn which she seemed much inclined to accept. I then left her and returned to the Hotel to await the hour for the night train to Baltimore. It had become clear moonlight when we left at eleven, and went on without incident

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