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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 8th

8 April 1861

Wednesday 10th

10 April 1861
9 April 1861
Tuesday 9th

Fine day though with a cool east wind. My customary entertainment in the morning of a variety of applications for interest to get office. Now that selection is actually going on the tussle becomes more earnest, and many faces are elongating in view of probable disappointment. Mr Palfrey came in to dinner, just returned from Washington in very good spirits. It is a great pleasure to me to find him at last receiving some reward for his long and sharp trials. In the evening I went with my son Brooks to the Harvard Athenæum to witness the performance of Macbeth. Miss Cushman took the part of Lady Macbeth, and performed it with very considerable power. I saw her in the same part many years ago, to Macready’s Macbeth. But she has greatly improved since. Her gesticulation is a little in excess, and she relies too much on mere accessories, but on the whole I do not ever recollect seeing the part so well rendered. Mr Davenport as Macbeth was barely respectable. The other cast poor. An afterpiece called Kill or live followed which was poor enough.

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