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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 9th

9 April 1861

Thursday 11th

11 April 1861
10 April 1861
Wednesday 10th

I had assigned this day for the attendance of sundry person from Milford on their post Office business, but they did not come. I had instead only a few stragglers so that I really had a better working day than ever before, and brought up some arrears that had been troubling my accounts. The external news a little alarming as there114 seems to be imminent probability of an engagement at Charleston. The country looks on with patience and even perhaps indifference. We dined quietly, without Mrs Adams who had gone to Quincy to prepare the house for my son’s occupation as he is about to married. In the evening I went to the Harvard Athenæum with my daughter Mary, to see miss Cushman in the play of Guy Mannering. The piece has no sort of merit but it gives Miss Cushman a field for melodramatic acting of which she takes the full advantage. Indeed she makes the whole interest, which is perhaps the best of her genius. A silly afterpiece called Wanted, a thousand Milliners closed the evening.

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