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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 10th

10 April 1861

Friday 12th

12 April 1861
11 April 1861
Thursday 11th

I have now received my commission and instructions, so that I may be said to have vacated my post as a member before I have formally resigned it. My morning was broken by the necessity of meeting Mr S Phillips at my son’s office at eleven o’clock. His object was to interrogate me respecting my action upon his case when I was in the Bank of Mutual Redemption. He brought a suit against the Bank for injury done to his character, which he was finally induced to discontinue. I did not know but he was now coming to fish up admissions from me which he might use in a similar way. My effort had been to save him from injury whilst I was doing my duty by the Bank. That I did succeed was proved by the fact that though he lost the place of cashier, he soon afterwards gained a place as President of a Bank. I declined to give him any information on the ground that confidential discussions of that sort should never be disclosed. I had several persons to see me about places, but the pressure is visibly diminishing. The war now continues to agitate the public. Mr Dana dined with me. Some conversation on public matters. He does not yet receive definite information about his commission. There appears to be a little struggle yet at Washington, among those who are disappointed. In the evening I had a visit from Mr Hopkins of Northampton. We had a long and confidential conversation about the events of last winter and the action of individuals. He is a man of ability, injured only by his own failings.115

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