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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 26th

26 April 1861

Sunday 28th

28 April 1861
27 April 1861
Saturday 27th

Chilly easterly wind. My despatches arrived, and as well as I could consistently with many interruptions I read my instructions. They relate exclusively to the existing difficulty with the seceding states, and treat it in the masterly manner which characterizes the Secretary’s papers. At noon I walked down into State Street and paid for my passage in the Niagara, after which I walked over to East Boston by the ferry, and examined the accommodations in that Steamer. She looks like a good vessel, though by no means a new one. Then home. Found that in my absence Mr Sumner had called and seen Mrs Adams, and a warm conversation had ensued which convinces me of inutility of sustaining any further intimacy with him. His brain seems to be in so excited a condition as to render the discussion of all political questions painful. I think therefore it will be most prudent for me who am likewise excitable on provocation to avoid all risk of collision with him. Strangely enough this decision rather brings me a sense of relief which surprises me. For if I were to experience any trouble of the same kind with Dr Palfrey or Mr Dana, I know it would depress me. In truth Sumner has ceased to be an agreeable companion. Mrs Adams & I were invited to dine with her brother Chardon, quietly with only Dr Frothingham. After which I went down to meet the club at Parker’s on Saturday, to which I had been very earnestly invited by Mr Norton, Mr Forbes and latterly by Professor Agassiz. It was so late that half had gone, but I gained my end in acknowledging the civility that had been so freely tendered to me. Home easily. The news today quite encouraged the community. The passage to Washington seems free, and that city is relieved both as to men and supplies.

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