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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 27th

27 April 1861

Monday 29th

29 April 1861
28 April 1861
Sunday 28th

East wind, clouds and rain. Attended Divine service, and heard Mr Newell of Cambridge preach. The subject must as on Sunday last, excepting that his view was an intermediate one, between the two. Every body preaches on the war. Every body speaks for war. Every body put out the American flag as the signal for war. Even the boys and girls wear ribbons and127 rosettes made of the three colors seen in the flag. Such is the universality of the sentiment that one is led to marvel at the existence of a party organization of any kind. The practical question will soon come up whether the government is equal to the effective guidance of this element to useful purposes. If not, the effect may be worse than if had never been raised. At home I read a sermon of Dr Channing upon Unitarianism. I think he makes it more attractive than any body else. The prevailing objection in its coldness does not appear either in his feeling or his manner. I have always liked it for its independence of though and its toleration of spirit. But it is rational to the last degree. Mr and Mrs Kuhn dined here, and in the evening, we had visits from Dr Bigelow, Mr James Lawrence and Mr Edward Frothingham.

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