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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 28th

28 April 1861

Tuesday 30th

30 April 1861
29 April 1861
Monday 29th

A pleasant day. I began to make the final arrangements in packing and then went down into the city to complete my business transactions. Several persons called on me for last favors to help them to office, but the end of this process it too near for me not to despatch these rapidly. I wandered about to find some office in which to execute a cordial to my Will, and finally succeeded in doing so at Mr Sewall’s Office. John and Charles dined with us, and whilst we were at dinner Colonel Ritchie, one of the Governor’s aids called and presented a letter from the Governor requesting me to fix an hour to receive him tomorrow. I assigned ten o’clock. After dinner all of us drove out to Mrs Crowinshield’s at Longwood. Here were assembled about sixty or seventy persons, relatives of her’s or of her late husband’s, of my Wife’s or of my connections. At six o’clock precisely the revd Dr Lothrop performed the ceremony of marriage between my son John Quincy and Miss Fanny Crowninshield. The times are not auspicious for similar undertakings, but amidst all this gloom I pray for this young couple all the happiness which this life can give. It is now thirty one years and more since I embarked on the same voyage at a much earlier age. And now little is left to me but properly to prepare for another and more enduring existence.128 After the ceremony was over there was a handsome collation and before eight o’clock we were ready to return to the city— The young people drove directly over to the old mansion in Quincy which in our absence abroad they are about to occupy. After my return, I had a visit from Dr and Mrs Howe. Mrs Adams had retired.

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