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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 8th

8 May 1861

Friday 10th

10 May 1861
9 May 1861
Thursday 9th
At sea

The sea was so calm that I really had a good quiet night’s rest and felt able to enjoy the beautify day. It has grown warmer too so that we do need so many coats. Mrs Adams was poorly, but I think better. Indeed all the passengers seemed to warm out into life. We have them of many nations, but none of any very decided attraction. I finished Lord Carlisle’s book, which has but a single passage about amiable, ordinary commonplace. I also accomplished a great feat in discovering and correcting the errors in my trial balance attempted before I embarked. So that I being afresh with a clear reckoning upon my new theatre of action. This was a great relief, as I feared I should not do it during the passage, when only I should have the leisure from other calls. In the evening, the singers tried again with less success.

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