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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 9th

9 May 1861

Saturday 11th

11 May 1861
10 May 1861
Friday 10th
At sea

Clear with the wind still at the eastward and a little pitching motion just sufficient to make me uncomfortable. I had also a little headach which did not leave me until it was night. I find that so long as I remain in the open air I do well enough, though my face becomes scorched more and more daily. But sitting in the salon or below makes me at once very qualmish. Under these circumstances occupation is impossible. Mrs Adams suffer continually. I find we have another diplomat on board, Mr Haldeman who goes to Stockhom. Mr Coleman a London gentleman is very civil. There is a considerable party of Mexicans too, who seem to be very quiet, wellmannered people. Also Mr Tenning and his wife. The former an Officer of the British Commissariat returning from Bermuda, very much of an animal man. On the whole the company though very civil to me is not interesting. We made about two hundred and fifty miles a day, and are now over the ninth day and three quarters of the voyage

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