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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 19th

19 May 1861

Tuesday 21st

21 May 1861
20 May 1861
Monday 20th

It took me until noon to complete my paper, and I then took it to the Office which has been removed into Duke Street to have the copy properly made out in season for the Wednesday mail. Then back to go out with Mrs Adams and finish off all the visits that remain unpaid. I also went in to see one or two houses, and found one of them which might perhaps be made to do. The prices are enormous too. Indeed what strikes me as most remarkable in London is the enormous scale of expenditure in the wealthy classes. We drove through the park just at the time of display and the number and show of the equipages indicate the taste and the habits of the higher classes. Whilst I cannot say that I admire the elegance or the grace of their carriages, it is impossible not to feel the existence of extraordinary and positive wealth, which banishes all that may be defective. On recollection I found that in my despatch I had omitted one portion of my conversation, so that I went to the Office, notified Mr Morton of the deficiency, and in the evening, wrote more than a page of additional matter which I sent over. In the evening, we paid a visit to Mr Lyman and his daughter.

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