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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 20th

20 May 1861

Wednesday 22d

22 May 1861
21 May 1861
Tuesday 21st

I went to the legation and compared the copy of my despatch with the draught, made the necessary corrections and directed it to be sent by tomorrow’s steamer. Then I accompanied Mrs Adams to several shops to select to purchase wedding presents for my son’s wife. I also went145 with her to look at the House in Grafton Street as well as another in St antony’s place. The latter is attractive from its overlooking Hyde park. But the other is the only case that seems practicable. My anxiety on this becomes greater from the great difficulty I experience in conducting matters withing my present accommodations. Mrs Adams and I with my son Henry dined today by invitation with Mr and Mrs Bates. No other company. The entertainment very exquisite. The house spacious and furnished in the highest style. Mr Bates and his Wife are americans originally from Weymouth in Massachusetts, with naturally simply tastes who have been elevated by their connection with the banking house of the Barings to great wealth, and by the relatives established at Court of their daughter, to social importance. They therefore support an establishment far beyond their own requirements or desires. They are both advanced in life and have little more to expect from it. They have been very kind to us, and have been of some service in the information they can supply. We returned home by eleven.

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