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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 2d.

2 June 1861

Tuesday 4th

4 June 1861
3 June 1861
Monday 3d

We are beginning to settle down. The day was cloudy and cold, so that at last I was drawn back to the resumption of those parts of my winter dress which I had left off. I spent some time at the Office, but I find the inconvenience of not having a separate room. All the visitors naturally desire to see me. I accomplished not much beyond my work on the Diary Went in the carriage with Mrs Adams, paying visits. Stopped to see Sir Harry Verney who had called with a letter from Mr Marsh to me. He presented me to his Wife whom I discovered to be a sister of Miss Florence Nightingale. He is a member of Parliament. I walked home across the park. It is a pleasure to be close upon this lively and pleasant and verdant scene. We dined at home and in the evening went to the Opera. Lady Denison had been civil enough to send us tickets in her box, where we met Mr and Mrs Gladstone and their daughter, and professor Senior and his daughter. The Barber of Seville with Mazio, Renani and Tagliapio. Very good.156

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