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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 3d

3 June 1861

Wednesday 5th

5 June 1861
4 June 1861
Tuesday 4th

A quiet day at home. I was engaged in writing up the Diary which has a tendency to get into arrears. I also wrote some answers to letters and received visits. The most difficult and troublesome of my undertaking I have attempted is that of assisting Colonel Fremont to obtain arms and ammunition to carry with him to America. He has no means of raising of money and desires me to help him with credit. To this end he brought a letter from Mr Dayton which urged me to do something. This something Colonel Fremont is attempting to stretch up to two hundred thousand dollars. And an enquiry I find that he has been making contracts in Paris without going near Mr Dayton or warning him of the extent to which he is removing, even though he know that I had made Mr Dayton’s cooperation in the engagement a condition precedent to all movement. He came to me today with his bills, and I frankly told him that I should be obliged to send a letter to Mr Dayton first, and await his assent to the signature of the bills. I took a long walk and spent the evening in peace. Read the first half of an Essay on the religious remnant of the world by a churchman, one of several which have stirred up the Episcopal church in this island greatly.

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