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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 16th

16 July 1861

Saturday 18th

18 July 1861
17 July 1861
Wednesday 17th

A fine day, but little interrupted. Very busy in writing up all the arrears of my Diary, and in examining a question of the law of nations, which is likely to be agitated between the two countries. I then took a long walk to return some visits paid to me. The distances are so great as to make this duty very laborious. I walked home through Oxford Street and the park to Kensington and then across to this side. In the evening, a visit from Mr Pike, sent as a minister to the Hague, but who seems to regard his mission as a privilege to amuse himself. I must acknowledge that this experience rather convinces me of the expediency of abolishing several of these missions. Mr Sanford lives in Paris, though sent to Belgium, Mr Burlingame has been nearly three months to Paris, though sent to Chine, and here is Mr Pike who has been to the Hague, and now come over to divert himself here. Singular notions of duty.191

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